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We are Baryonyx Games

The idea became a reality in 2020 in Rome, Italy. The choice to conceive, create and develop compelling and fun to play stories has been slowed down by the Covid-19 pandemic, but Baryonyx has overcome the difficulties and is now ready to start with its first product, the management-strategic Der Marsh set in the middle of the World War II

Original Independent Games

Our videogames are designed and developed with a passion that has grown with us since we were just kids. We set out on this adventure in the hope of bringing entertainment to people who are passionate about indie and strategy games, just like we are.

Der Marsch/ Games

Stalingrad. 1942. Overwhelmed by the cold, shocked and defeated, some Axis soldiers rise against their superiors and decide to return home. The player controls an officer with the difficult task of leading the expedition. His objective: rescue his men from the horrors of war and to atone for his sins. Traversing war zones and sipping scarce resources, the “Traitors” will fight to clear their way during the long march.

Politix/ In development (Coming soon)

Everyone knows how their country should be managed! There is a simple answer to everything! It is the politicians who complicate things to exploit us! Put yourself in the shoes of a simple citizen, dragged against his will in the murky vortex of politics and try to change things (or simply take advantage of it). You will find that, whatever your choice, things will be far more complex than they seem.

A Curse on Castle Roche/ In development (Coming soon)

In the late 1920s, an Oxford researcher lands in Ireland undercover. His mission is to investigate the disappearance of an archaeological expedition in the depths of some excavations in Celtic ruins. By exploring the surroundings of the excavations and the nearby village, interrogating inhabitants and witnesses, exploring crime scenes and participating in autopsies and armed clashes, the player will lead the assistant to the discovery of secrets and mysteries, kept hidden for centuries.

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