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A skillful guide for a long walk

The player takes on the role of a Wehrmacht officer, son of a war hero. To defend the life of a young orphan, the officer rebels against his superiors and finds himself leading a column of Axis deserters, ready to do anything to be able to return home. The officer will have to manage the shifts of march and rest, choose the routes to take and the best way to do it safely, exploring or exploiting the environment to his advantage. The actions of the officer, in command during each armed confrontation, will also impact the morale of the group and the harsh world around them.

Strategy and tactics

Choosing the right path based on your resources, as well as the ability to react to attacks and unexpected events, will be the key to survive during the march.

Multiple choices and social dynamics

Faced with difficult choices, the player will often have to choose between one way and another, between forgiveness and ferocious justice, between good and evil. Choices on which other members of the expedition will react.

Randomized encounters and maps

The march will proceed on always different paths, with unique encounters, different situations and recruits of all kinds, making the experience unique for each player.
Der Marsch - Baryonyx Games