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Choices, choices, choices. Continuous choices.

Put in a decision-making position, the player will have to answer increasingly pressing questions, on increasingly important and vital issues on the most disparate issues. But each simple answer will have a real impact on the surrounding world, sometimes unexpectedly. By learning from his mistakes, the player will make the political inexperienced an important figure in the political landscape, trying to stay afloat among the thousands of currents and the risks and contingencies of the profession. Will it also be able to take into account the well-being of the community?

A dazzling career

Arriving in power from below, the player will find himself stuck in a vicious circle that will lead him to hold higher and higher positions depending on his ability.

“Unforgettable” characters

The odd figures the player will meet during his career will react with their peculiar mentality to the player’s choices. Choose your friends and enemies carefully, they will be useful

Politix - Baryonyx Games